Our new conference paper from DESRIST 2022 is published in Lecture Notes in Computer Science book series (LNCS,volume 13229):

Nurhas, I., Mattick, X., Geisler, S., Pawlowski, J.: System Design Principles for Intergenerational Knowledge Sharing



Up to four generations are potentially involved in education and workspaces. This means that people of different generations can increasingly learn together and share knowledge virtually in the digital age. Nevertheless, the principles for designing systems to support intergenerational knowledge sharing (IKS) are inconclusive. Our results demonstrate the value of applying design science research methodology to capture design principles for IKS systems. We articulate what design goals should be considered and bring more conceptual clarity to this phenomenon by presenting five design principles: a) positive personalization, b) progressive design ecosystem, c) effectual system design, d) iterative goal reflection, e) coopetitive intergenerational tasks. By reflecting on the design process and formalizing a class of design principles, we contribute to design-oriented IKS systems in the digital age.


  • Intergenerational knowledge sharing
  • Intergenerational innovation
  • Design principles
  • Design science research
Kategorien: Forschung